'Buckwild' City Mayor Happier than Pig in S*** 'Buckwild' Got 86'd

4/10/2013 1:26 PM PDT

'Buckwild' City Mayor -- Happier than A Pig In S*** -- 'Buckwild' Got Cancelled


The Mayor of the town where "Buckwild" was filmed is crackin' out the fried chicken and sweet tea now that the show that reinforced Southern stereotypes has gotten the ax.

Charleston, West Virginia Mayor Danny Jones tells us, "I’m relieved and happy the show is cancelled, and so is everyone around here. The show does nothing for us and exaggerates every negative stereotype about us."

Mayor Jones also put on his programming hat, surmising "Buckwild" without Shain Gandee is like biscuits without gravy.

We broke the story ... Shain was found dead in his truck from carbon monoxide poisoning last week, following an off-roading trip with his uncle.

Now if Mayor Jones could only turn cinder blocks into tires ... think how nice those lawns would look.