Gordon Ramsay Fat Cow Sued For Being Dairy Dairy Cheap

4/16/2013 12:55 AM PDT

Gordon Ramsay's Fat Cow Restaurant Sued For Being Dairy Dairy Cheap


Gordon Ramsay
faces a really expensive restaurant bill ... and we're not talking $300 for foie gras and sturgeon.  We're talking about a $45k bill for stuff you can't even eat.

Ramsay hired a company to trick out Fat Cow, his extremely popular restaurant at The Grove in L.A.. Gordon clearly doesn't settle for Kenmore appliances.  The range, fryers, countertops, shelving, dishwashers, exhaust hoods, exhaust ducts, fridges, and other accoutrements totaled $191,235.24. 

According to a lawsuit filed by the company that outfitted the joint, Gordon paid some of the bill but not all -- there's a pesky $45,350.35 balance which allegedly has gone unpaid.

So Gordon is going to court, where the cafeteria food is abysmal.  Trust us.

We reached out to Ramsay's reps ... but the lawsuit hasn't been delivered to their table.