'X Factor' Auto Theft Baby You CAN'T Drive My Car!

4/17/2013 6:44 AM PDT

'X Factor' Contestant Steals Car

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He went from Smokey Robinson to Smokey and the Bandit in less than 30 minutes -- a contestant on "X Factor" stole a car after his audition and went on a crazy chase before he was subdued.

Orrion Wilson from Florida -- of course -- was plum out of money after his audition near New Orleans. He didn't have enough for bus fare, so he went to a gas station ... lying in wait ... until a chump left his car running and went inside for cigarettes or something. Wilson took off in the car and led cops on a 75-mph chase, which ended with the rusty trusty "pit maneuver."

Wilson told authorities he did well in the audition and expected to return for round 2 in NYC, but needed some wheels to get there.

Wilson is still in custody.

If he doesn't get on "X Factor" ... he's perfect for "Fast & Furious 7."