Dr. Phil The Cops Found My Stolen Car!!!!!

12/4/2012 3:25 PM PST

Dr. Phil -- The Cops Found My Stolen Car!!!!!


Dr. Phil has been REUNITED with his stolen '57 Chevy ... TMZ has learned cops recovered the $100,000 ride after it was jacked from a repair shop earlier this year.

We broke the story ... some scumbag (or scumbags) smashed into an auto repair shop in Burbank back in August while Phil was having the transmission serviced ... and made off with the car.

Cops launched an investigation ... and this morning, law enforcement tracked down the car in Burbank at 7:25 AM ... INTACT ... with minimal damage.

We're told cops have arrested several suspects -- who they believe have been pulling the same stunt at vehicle repair shops all over town ... jacking multiple classic rides in the process.

Sources say ... at least 14 different classic cars have been recovered during the investigation.

We reached out to Phil who said, "I can’t say enough about the LA County Sheriff's Department and of the LAPD Trap West - particularly, Detective George Molina. Their tireless efforts and hard work resulted in the in-tact recovery of my car and the arrest of some prolific car thieves."  

Phil added, "Many thought that my ’57 Chevy was just a memory, but I had faith in LA’s finest.  This is just one more in a really long line of reasons that I am and always have been a passionate and outspoken supporter of our men and women in law enforcement.  We don’t thank them enough. I’ll hug a cop every chance I get this month!"