'Devils Ride' Star Trying to Cop Deal Over Hit & Run, DUI

4/23/2013 12:15 AM PDT

'Devils Ride' Star White Boi -- Trying to Cop Deal Over Hit & Run, DUI Charges


"The Devils Ride" star Chris Boultinghouse is in the middle of negotiating a big deal ... but it's not a new reality show ... it's a plea bargain over a DUI.

We've learned ... Boultinghouse's lawyer was in court last week ... trying to bring a quick end to what has been a 5-month legal order.

Boultinghouse has been charged with hit and run and TWO counts of DUI after he allegedly went on a drunken joyride in November through the mean streets of the O.C..

White Boi -- as he's known on the Discovery reality show about a San Diego biker gang -- allegedly smashed his Escalade into a Toyota Prius and bolted.

But he didn't get far ... we're told a few Good Samaritans called 911 with his license plate number, and cops quickly tracked him down. Police say he reeked of alcohol and bombed his field sobriety test.

Ride with the devil, get the horns.