'Survivor' Champ Kimberly Spradlin ARRESTED AT DMV In Major Police Mix-Up

4/26/2013 5:00 PM PDT

'Survivor' Champ Kimberly Spradlin -- ARRESTED at the DMV ... In Major Police Mix-Up

Kimberly Spradlin -- the chick who won "Survivor: One World" in 2012 -- was arrested in Texas this month and spent 8 hours in jail ... FOR A CRIME SHE DIDN'T COMMIT ... TMZ has learned.

Spradlin -- who was recently married -- was at the DMV in San Antonio on April 16 to officially change her last name ... when a staffer saw a note in the system indicating there was a warrant out for Kim's arrest.

The warrant -- issued by authorities in nearby Hale County, TX -- noted that Kim was wanted for allegedly bouncing checks all over town.

Kim was taken into custody and hauled to a nearby jail -- where she was booked and held in a cold cell for 8 long hours. She eventually forked over $1,500 to bond out.

Problem is ... Kim is NOT the check-bouncer. Turns out, there's ANOTHER person named Kimberly with the same birthday ... and there was simply a mix-up in the system.

TMZ spoke with Kim (the famous Kim) ... who tells us she spoke with officials who are working to clear up the situation ... and she wants to be reimbursed for the $1,500 bond.

It's not like Kim needs the money ... she won $1,000,000 for winning "Survivor" ... and raked in an additional $100,000 for winning the Fan Favorite Award at the reunion special.

Still, Kim is laughing about the situation -- and gave us the following words of wisdom ... "Be careful at the DMV, ya never know what's going to happen."

She added, "Bring a jacket ... it's cold in jail."