George Jones Honored w/ Sausage Balls

5/5/2013 4:00 AM PDT

George Jones -- Honored with Sausage Balls

George Jones is being honored with sausage ... lots and lots of sausage ... TMZ has learned.

Turns out, Jones wasn't just a country music legend -- he was also a huge fan of breakfast meat -- and even owned a sausage company sold locally through restaurants in Tennessee.

After he passed away, one of the restaurants that serves Jones' sausage decided to honor the singer's memory ... with a humongous meat event in George's honor.

The result? Brooks Shaw's Old Country Store in Jackson, TN whipped up more than 1,000 sausage balls -- George's own creation and favorite breakfast snack. 

The store even put together a batch for his widow Nancy.

The recipe is really quite simple -- mix together Jones' sausage, Bisquick, cheese, and milk ... then cook 'em for about 10 minutes.

Sounds like one tasty, tasty legacy he left behind.