Daryl Hannah's ATV Impounded During Malibu Wildfire

5/7/2013 12:15 AM PDT

Daryl Hannah's ATV -- Impounded By Cops During Malibu Wildfire


Daryl Hannah
just learned a hard lesson in Malibu parking law -- don't abandon your ATV on the highway with expired tags ... 'cause cops'll impound it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Hannah parked her biodiesel Tomcar ATV (envy of eco-friendly hippies everywhere) on the side of Pacific Coast Highway last week to save it from a wildfire spreading near her home.

Wildfires in Malibu are pretty common, so locals often leave their cars along the highway to minimize damage ... and it usually isn't a problem, unless the vehicle's tags expired FIVE YEARS AGO!!!

According to law enforcement sources, the tags on Hannah's ATV hadn't been renewed since 2008, so police had the thing towed over the weekend.

Hannah eventually had the ATV picked up from the impound lot Monday after paying a bunch of fees (and renewing her registration). Calls to Daryl weren't returned.