Tom Cruise Ridin' with REBOUND CHICK ... Or Is He??

5/24/2013 2:15 PM PDT

Tom Cruise -- Ridin' with REBOUND CHICK ... Or Is He??


Tom Cruise fired up his Ducati and barreled out of a fancy Hollywood hotel late last night with a BRAND NEW CHICK ridin' on the back ... at least we think it was Tom Cruise ... LET'S INVESTIGATE!!!

Here are the facts ...

We know ... a mystery man sporting a motorcycle helmet left the Chateau Marmont hotel around 11:00 pm with a woman on the backseat.

We could see the man's brow line and nose ... and they bear a striking resemblance to Mr. Cruise.

We also know ... Tom was in town Thursday night, because he was photographed at the L.A. Kings playoff game at Staples Center earlier in the evening.

Plus ... it's no secret that Tom has a penchant for riding Ducatis ... and owns a Ducati superbike ... though the bike he's usually photographed on does NOT have a backseat.

As for the chick ... we don't know squat about her.

We called Tom's rep who insists it's NOT Tom -- Still, we gotta ask ...