Pete Davidson Guys Night Out At L.A. Kings Game ... After Wrapping Up Vacay With Kim

Fresh off his first vacay with Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson made a little time for his bros ... hitting up the L.A. Kings game for a guys' night out -- in some VERY good seats.

The comedian took in the action at Arena -- and while there was no Kim in site for this public outing, Davidson still looked like he was living the dream.

Pete and his boys had glass seats right behind one of the nets ... and the dudes appeared to have a great time all night while decked out in matching Kings jerseys.

The group caught some good puck too -- even though the Kings lost, it was still a tight 4-2 game against the Nashville Predators.

Of course, it all wraps up a really awesome start to 2022 for Pete -- who was just in the Bahamas with Kim earlier this week.

The two were all smiles on the quick trip ... and at one point during the getaway, Kim posted a sexy bikini shot with a caption that suggested she's REALLY happy with Pete.

New year, same Davidson ... what a life!

Staples Center Sign Comin' Down ... Amid Arena Name Change

Anyone have a staple remover??

The iconic Staples Center signage is officially coming down on Monday ... with workers slowly removing the red letters off of the building to make way for Arena.

As we previously reported, the cryptocurrency company bought the naming rights to the venue last month ... which came with a whopping $700 MILLION price tag.

While the name change won't officially happen until Christmas Day, AEG wasted no time kick-starting the rebrand ... which will undoubtedly have some fans upset.

Of course, Staples Center was often referred to as "The House That Kobe Built," as a nod to the late Lakers legend, who played at the venue for the majority of his Hall of Fame career.

No matter what people officially call the arena, Vanessa Bryant made it clear all the history that Kobe made inside will always live on.

The new deal will see's logos on the building for at least the next 20 years ... so maybe people will get used to it by 2042.

Staples Center Call Me Arena ... Iconic Venue Getting New Name After 22 Years

Staples Center is no more ... the iconic building that the Lakers and Clippers have called home since 1999 is getting a new name -- Arena.

Officials announced the stunning name change Tuesday night ... explaining the rebrand will take effect on Christmas Day next month.

The new name will stick for the next 20 years as part of the new agreement, officials say ... and the new deal will all reportedly cost the cryptocurrency app around $700 MILLION.

Of course, the announcement was hardly met with joy from L.A. fans -- as the building has only been known as Staples Center for YEARS to Kings, Sparks, Lakers and Clippers fans.

Still, officials were pumped over the move nonetheless ... sending out a mock of how the new signage will look on the top of the building in 2022.

In the announcement of the new deal, officials also promised "large-scale, premium branding and signage throughout the interior and exterior" of the new Arena.

As for how Kobe Bryant's family is reacting to the news -- considering Staples has been dubbed "The House That Kobe Built" -- Vanessa Bryant shared a photo of the building on social media following the announcement, putting a crown emoji on her late husband's head.

LA Kings Mascot Employee Fired After Sexual Harassment Allegations

The man in the LA Kings' "Bailey" mascot costume has just been CANNED ... after the team investigated sexual harassment claims made by a female employee.

We broke the story ... a woman using the pseudonym "Jane Doe" filed a lawsuit back in August claiming Tim Smith -- who has regularly played the role of Bailey at public events for years -- was repeatedly inappropriate toward her.

In her lawsuit, the woman accused Smith of making sexually-charged comments, jokes and leering at "her breasts and buttocks." She claims she was fired after complaining to management.

After Doe filed her suit, the organization suspended Smith -- who worked for the Kings since 2007. The team also launched an investigation into the allegations.

Now, the Kings have announced they're parting ways with Smith --  saying on Friday, "Today, the LA Kings terminated the employment of Tim Smith."

"We are not in a position to provide further details or comments on this matter due to pending litigation."

As for the accuser's lawsuit, she is suing Smith, the Kings and ownership group AEG ... demanding more than $1 million in damages.

L.A. Kings Mascot Suspended After Sexual Harassment Allegations

The L.A. Kings have suspended the man who plays team mascot "Bailey" ... this after the guy was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a female Ice Crew member.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... a woman using the alias Jane Doe filed a lawsuit last week claiming Tim Smith -- who suits up in the Kings' Lion costume for events -- was repeatedly inappropriate toward her.

In the suit, Doe claimed Smith hurled lewd jokes her way, made sexually-charged comments and leered at "her breasts and buttocks."

The woman also claims after she complained about Smith -- who manages the team's Ice Crew in addition to playing the mascot role -- he retaliated by firing her from the squad.

Doe says she was eventually able to join back up with the Kings ... but says Smith's action remained inappropriate toward her.

The Kings said in a statement shortly after we published the allegations that they're taking the case seriously ... and have now banned Smith from all team activities until they complete an internal investigation.

"We are aware of the recently-filed lawsuit alleging misconduct by one of our employees," Kings officials said. "The LA Kings take these allegations very seriously and, as an organization, we believe that everyone has the right to work in an environment free from any form of harassment or discrimination."

"We will conduct a thorough investigation into this matter. The employee in question has been suspended, effective immediately, pending the conclusion of that investigation. We are withholding any further comment at this time."

Doe is suing Smith, the Kings and ownership group AEG ... demanding more than $1 million in damages.

L.A. Kings Mascot Accused of Sexual Harassment ... from 'Ice Crew' Member

The man who plays "Bailey" -- the L.A. Kings lion mascot -- is being sued for allegedly sexually harassing a female "Ice crew" staffer, TMZ Sports has learned.

The woman behind the suit is using the alias Jane Doe to protect her identity -- but says she was hired for the Crew in 2018 to work fan events for the Kings and the Ontario Reign (the Kings' AHL affiliate).

But, things went south, according to the lawsuit, when Tim Smith -- the man who plays "Bailey" the mascot -- began routinely hurling sexually charged comments in her direction.

She claims Smith was not just a performer, but managed the Ice Crew and wields the power to hire and fire people.

But, Doe says Smith created a terrible environment for female employees -- constantly cracking lewd jokes, making inappropriate sexual comments and would leer at her "breasts and buttocks" ... making her feel super uncomfortable.

Jane Doe claims she made it clear the advances and comments were unwanted -- but Smith retaliated against her by firing her from the Ice Crew.

Doe says a team official begged her to come back and promised to shield her from Smith -- acknowledging Smth's problematic conduct.

But, when she returned, Doe claims Smith was back to his old tricks ... and even describes an incident where he allegedly put his crotch in her face in the mascot locker room while making lewd comments and thrusting his hips.

Doe says she ran out of the room and later quit for good.

She's now suing Smith along with the Kings and AEG, which owns the hockey team. She's claiming sexual harassment, retaliation and more -- and demanding more than $1 million in damages.

We reached out to the Kings for comment -- so far, no word back.

L.A. Kings Fans Massive Brawl In Stands ... Shirtless Haymakers & Popcorn Showers!!!


Here's one of the craziest and most violent in-arena brawls EVER -- courtesy of some fans at Thursday night's L.A. Kings game.

The hometown squad was in a tight matchup with the Florida Panthers ... when one witness tells us he noticed a fight beginning to break out in the Staples Center lower bowl.

You can see in the video what happens next ... a scrap escalates into AN ALL-OUT BRAWL!!

The scene is insane ... there's a woman throwing a FLURRY of right hands to start -- and then things get even crazier.

A shirtless man runs into the scrum with a flying left haymaker ... and then for some reason, a fan dumps popcorn all over the action!!!

It's all followed up by some more punching, pushing and shoving ... before in-arena security is FINALLY able to break it up.

We reached out to our law enforcement sources ... and they tell us it appears no one was arrested ... and say Staples security usually handles this on their own by ejecting fans.

As for the game ... seems the brawl fired L.A. up -- 'cause the Kings won 5-4.

Todd Gurley Parties Hard At L.A. Kings Game ... Chugs Beers W/ Dodgers Stars!!!

LA Kings

Did you know Todd Gurley could party like a frat star!??!

Neither did we ... until Wednesday night -- when the L.A. Rams running back chugged beers and bro'd down with Dodgers stars at the L.A. Kings game!!!

The video of Gurley throughout the night was more entertaining than the actual on-ice action ... 'cause the 25-year-old lived it up in on-the-glass seats for the Kings-Stars game at Staples Center.

Ya gotta watch the clip ... Gurley rages his face off, throws back some suds and even gets into a chug-off with Dodgers players Gavin Lux, Matt Beaty and Kody Hoese.


But the best part? Arena cameras broadcast almost all of it on the jumbotron!!!!

Of course, Gurley and the Dodgers could use the booze ... both squads had rough seasons, with the Rams missing the playoffs and the Dodgers exiting the postseason early.

As for if their antics helped the Kings ... not really, 'cause L.A. lost to Dallas 2-1.

But hey, we sure as hell enjoyed watching the party!!

Taylor Swift Staples Banner Getting Shunned L.A. Kings Fans Hate It

Taylor Swift won't be showing her face banner anymore when the Los Angeles Kings are in town -- 'cause the fans don't wanna see it ... and the team is obliging.

L.A.'s pro hockey team made the announcement over the weekend ... saying that, going forward, the Kings will be covering up Taylor's banner during their home games at STAPLES Center. It's hanging in the rafters next to Lakers banners and retired jerseys.

A marketing rep for the Kings told Arash Markazi of the L.A. Times that fans just weren't digging it, so the team wants to show 'em they're listening. Michael Altieri says, "The connection to our fans is our highest priority and through our engagement they have made it clear that the banner shouldn’t be part of their Kings game experience."

Wayne Gretzky Hockey W/ 1-Year-Old Grandson ... The Next Great One?!?



Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky's 1-year-old son is getting lessons on how to be hockey's next biggest thing ... from grandpa Wayne!!!

Paulina and D.J. posted the adorable vid of Rivers Johnson -- their youngest child -- with The Great One ... and we gotta say, it's hard not to see the resemblance.

Wayne and the little Gretzky did some stick handling drills ... with Rivers even gettin' a few past Grandpa!!!

Of course, Dustin and Paulina's kids (they have a 4-year-old son as well) have some tough choices to make when it comes to sports ... Dad is a pretty good golfer too.

But, something about this vid just screams future L.A. King ... doesn't it?!?!

Alex Trebek Answer: THIS Guy Should Replace Me As New 'Jeopardy!' Host

JULY 2018

Alex Trebek can't host "Jeopardy!" forever -- in fact, he says there's a good chance he'll retire from the show soon -- and he's already got a replacement in mind ... with a very fitting name.

Trebek talked to Harvey Levin on the latest episode of 'OBJECTified' Sunday night about his legendary career as a game show host. He says chances are more than 50/50 he'll leave "Jeopardy!" when his contract expires in 2020, and when he departs ... he thinks the LA Kings hockey announcer should take over.

Who is Alex Faust? CORRECT!

Trebek's support would obviously carry a lot of weight ... he's deeply involved in the production of the show and his blessing would clearly sit well with viewers. Plus, having the same first name has its benefits.

Faust, who is just 28, already has some experience replacing icons -- he was chosen to replace Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Miller after 44 seasons to do play-by-play for the Kings ... and has apparently impressed Trebek with his work.

The "Jeopardy!" host has one other option in mind -- CNN legal analyst Laura Coates. Obviously, she has less in common with Trebek than Faust ... but he thinks she'd be a good fit as well.

Jarret Stoll Dodges Bullet In Coke Case ... No Jail

L.A. Kings hockey star Jarret Stoll just cut a great deal in his Vegas cocaine case -- because the felony drug possession charge was dropped and he'll do NO jail time.

As we previously reported, Stoll -- boyfriend of Erin Andrews -- was busted on April 17th for allegedly bringing cocaine and ecstasy to a Vegas pool party.

Now, we've learned ... Stoll struck a deal with prosecutors in which he agreed to plead guilty to 2 misdemeanors -- breach of peace and trespass.

Stoll was facing up to 4 years behind bars for the drug charge ... instead, he won't spend one minute in jail and will NOT be on probation.

As part of the agreement, Stoll will launch a hockey program for at risk kids in Vegas and also work with the Salvation Army.

In a statement issued through his lawyer, David Chesnoff, Stoll says ... "Now that the case has been resolved I am committed to meeting all of my obligations to the court am grateful for the chance to offer guidance and share positive life lessons to kids as part of the resolution of this matter."

"My focus remains on hockey and I am looking forward to getting back on the ice next season."

NHL's Jarret Stoll Charged with Coke Possession From Vegas Party Weekend

L.A. Kings star Jarret Stoll has been charged with cocaine possession ... stemming from a crazy party weekend in Las Vegas back in April ... TMZ Sports has learned.

As we previously reported, Stoll -- boyfriend of Erin Andrews -- was busted on April 17th for allegedly bringing cocaine and ecstasy to a Vegas pool party.

According to the criminal complaint filed today in Nevada ... Stoll will only be charged for the cocaine -- not the ecstasy.

If convicted, he faces up to 4 years in state prison.

Jarret Stoll Working on Mind & Body ... After Vegas Drug Arrest


Embattled NHL star Jarret Stoll is looking to get his chakra back in order after his Las Vegas drug arrest ... hitting a yoga studio today for a full mind and body workout.

Stoll returned to L.A. after being charged with possession of cocaine and molly last Friday -- after he was busted trying to bring the drugs into a Vegas pool party (allegedly).

On his way out of the yoga studio, Stoll told us he was doing well ... but didn't feel like talking about the fallout from the arrest ... or the current status of his relationship with Erin Andrews.


Candace Cameron on Jarret Stoll: 'Anyone Who Does Drugs Is Dumb'


On a very special episode of "Full House" ... D.J. warns against the dangers of hard drugs!

Candace Cameron-Bure -- who's married to ex-NHL star Valeri Bure -- was out in L.A. with her hockey-fan family Monday when we asked about Jarret Stoll's Vegas drug arrest.

"I think anyone that does drugs is dumb," Cameron-Bure said ... "but that's the chance you take when you do that stuff."

Danny Tanner would be proud ...

Cue lesson-giving music ... fade to black ... roll credits.

Erin Andrews Did She Just Take a Shot ... at Jarret Stoll?!


Erin Andrews may have sent a passive aggressive message to her NHL star boyfriend Monday night -- seemingly chiding him for his Vegas drug arrest ... and it all went down on "Dancing with the Stars."

Erin was interviewing Willow Shields after her wild performance -- and asked her if she ever busted out similar moves on Spring Break.

When Willow gave her super boring answer -- "I just sit at home and watch movies all week" -- Andrews gave a very interesting response:

"I feel like some other people should learn from you."

Paying attention Jarret Stoll?

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