One-Armed Golfer Hits Hole-In-One During PGA Event!!!

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Here's the coolest video you'll see all day!!

Amateur Canadian golfer Laurent Hurtubise -- who was born without most of his right arm -- was competing in the PGA American Express tournament on Thursday ... when he swung away and sank a hole-in-one!!!

It all went down at the 4th hole of the PGA West Stadium Course in La Quinta, CA ... which is a 151-yard par-3 hole.

Hurtubise has been playing golf since he was 11 ... and has worked his whole life to be an inspiration to people living with similar conditions.

The best part?? He did it with a bunch of pros watching ... and the whole group lost it when he hit the shot!!

"That was the coolest experience I've had on the golf course," Troy Merritt said.

Fellow tour member Greg Chalmers added ... "It landed around the front of the green and we were all watching it closely as it tracked toward the hole and then, bang, it disappeared."

"We all went up in celebration and Laurent went ballistic and maybe let out a few choice words, but who could blame him? It was an incredible shot."


Mark Wahlberg In the Mood for Shredded Beef?!? It's Hawaiian Style Too


Mark Wahlberg's nine days into 2020 and it appears he's never wearing a shirt ever again ... not that anyone's complaining.

Marky Mark's still in vacay mode and this time he's enjoying the picturesque beaches of Hawaii. The action star's actually in town competing in the Hawaii Sony Open Pro-Am. Talented actor and athlete. Yeah ... dude can hit a mean stroke. He's been known to do "golf cardio" ... where astoundingly he plays 18 holes in an hour.

And, like every star who works hard, he's still partying hard ... putting everyone's New Year's resolution diet/exercising plan to shame with his ripped bod. Seems he's got zero plans to slow down his R&R sesh.

As we reported ... Mark also showed off his chiseled bod in Barbados where he and his family rang in the New Year. #2020Goals for damn sure.

Kim & Khloe Kardashian We Can Stroke It!!!

Kim and Khloe Kardashian have NO problem gripping it and ripping it, or at least that's their goal, as they take their best shots at playing golf.

The K sisters hit the links Tuesday in L.A. with Kris Jenner -- and TV cameras, of course ... so we can expect to see this on a future episode of 'Keeping Up.' If we're keeping it real as to who did it better -- Khloe's follow-through seems better ... but Kim's hip rotation is totally on point. Not shockingly.

Hey, neither of 'em whiffed on the ball. Now, do we think either is going for their pro card? Hell no! Still, should make for good TV.

Y'know you wanna hear Kim yell, "It's in the hole!!!"


If they are serious about improving their games, they could always consult their stepdad, Caitlyn Jenner ... who golfs almost daily. As we've reported she has a 6 handicap -- and if you're not a golfer, just know that's really good for a non-pro.

Then again, they've had some issues lately ... so don't hold your breath for that episode.

Jose Canseco Rips Fan at Top Golf ... Don't Disrespect me Bro!!!

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He's 55-years-old ... but Jose Canseco ain't afraid to get into a dude's face when he feels disrespected -- and that's exactly what happened at Top Golf in Vegas.

Jose was swinging away with friends when a random man at the range came over to him and used his finger to signal Canseco to come out of his Swing Suite so they could talk.

Canseco felt the move was SUPER OFFENSIVE -- and proceeded to chew the guy out ... on camera.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Wasn’t sure if he was trying to 'pick me up' or get an autograph," Canseco said about the encounter.

"If you see me in public, DO NOT call me over with a finger like I’m your small child in trouble or a chick at the bar!"

"If you see me in public and want a photo, an autograph, or just too meet me, you come over to me. I’m more than willing to and enjoy meeting you guys."

"You show me respect & I will show you respect. It’s really that simple."

For his part, the other man stayed cool, calm and collected when confronted by the former MLB superstar ... and even told Jose it was "nice" to meet him.

Hey, maybe Jose is sensitive about the finger wag ... since he accidentally shot off his own finger in a gun cleaning accident back in 2014.

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Barack Obama Fore!!! Plays Through in Hawaii As Trump's Impeached

Former President Barack Obama ripped a page out of Prez Trump's trolling playbook -- or so it seemed -- by chilling on a golf course while his successor got impeached.

POTUS 44 hit up the course at Mid-Pacific Country Club Wednesday in Hawaii -- nearly 5,000 miles away from where the House of Representatives made history by voting to impeach POTUS 45 ... just the third time in U.S. history.

The Image Direct

Okay, we doubt Obama really was trolling Trump, but think about the optics. The one thing we KNOW Trump would always rather be doing is playing golf -- so while he was making the wrong kinda history ... his nemesis flaunted his retirement swing on the links.

If it really were a troll, even Trump might tip his hat to Obama -- that is, if he weren't so busy lashing out at the Dems during his Michigan rally.

Trump's Wednesday night speech -- immediately after the impeachment vote -- included a disgusting remark about late Rep. John Dingell that implied the congressman is "looking up" from hell ... because his wife, Rep. Debbie Dingell, voted to impeach.

So, yeah ... pretty easy to see why Obama's choosing golf over impeachment fallout.

Hank Haney Sues PGA Tour You Had Me Fired 'Cause Of Beef With Tiger Woods!

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Legendary swing coach Hank Haney says a past beef with Tiger Woods is why he was fired from his popular radio show ... claiming the PGA Tour got him canned to settle the score -- and now, he's suing.

Haney got axed as host of "Hank Haney Golf Radio" on Sirius XM just a few months ago ... and the reason appeared to be for comments he made about the LPGA.

Remember, the 64-year-old made flippant remarks about female Korean golfers on-air ... and he was ripped for them, with Michelle Wie calling them "racist and sexist."

But, in a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports, Haney claims his firing had NOTHING to do with his comments ... saying the PGA Tour used the backlash over them as an opportunity to get back at him for his past criticism of Tiger.

Haney -- who famously coached Woods from 2004 to 2010 -- has blasted the golf legend over the years ... and he says the PGA Tour has harbored a "vendetta" against him because of it.

Haney says Sirius XM officials did NOT levy punishment for his comments until the PGA Tour got involved, saying the org "instructed" and pressured Sirius XM officials to can him.

Haney adds the firing caused him to lose important business with Callaway, saying if he had been able to keep his radio gig, the famous golf company would have continued working with him.

As a result, Haney says the PGA Tour cost him "millions."

Haney says this isn't the first time the league has tried to "disrupt and interfere" with his business ... claiming it tried to block his "The Big Miss" book sales back in 2012.

Haney also accuses the PGA Tour of playing a huge role in the cancellation of his popular 'Haney Project' show on the Golf Channel.

Haney is now suing the league for an unidentified amount ... seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Tommy 'Two Gloves' Gainey Lights Up Golf Course ... 4 Days After Arrest

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Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey is a real crappy criminal ... but the dude sure can golf -- 'cause just 4 days after he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute -- he CRUSHED it on the course!

Despite being busted on Dec. 8 for trying to pay an undercover officer for sex acts ... Gainey still dominated the first day of the final stage of Korn Ferry Tour Q-School in Florida on Thursday.

Taking on the Orange County National course in Winter Gardens, Florida ... Gainey went SUPER low, shooting a 6-under 66 -- and finishing his round in a tie for 6th place.

Gainey's card was VERY impressive ... the 44-year-old logged six birdies, one eagle and just two bogeys.

PGA Tour

Of course, Gainey's still got three days left in the tournament ... but it's a hell of a start for the guy, considering what he went through at the beginning of this week.

As we previously reported, Gainey was 1 of 124 people arrested in an undercover investigation in Polk County, Florida dubbed, "Operation Santa's Naughty List."

Gainey was popped for solicitation -- a 1st-degree misdemeanor -- and, in video of the encounter obtained by TMZ Sports, you can see "Two Gloves" offering $60 for sex acts.


Perhaps the sexual frustration helped his swing? Stay tuned for the final three rounds of the tourney to find out for sure.

PGA's Tommy 'Two Gloves' Gainey Sex Arrest Caught On Video ... $60 For 'Quick Visit'


10:42 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained the arrest video from the prostitution bust ... and it's clear as day Gainey offered $60 for sex acts to an undercover officer posing as a prostitute.

During the exchange, captured by a hidden surveillance camera, Gainey negotiates a price for a "quick visit" and then tells the officer he's in town "the rest of the week" -- clearly implying he could be a repeat customer.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, after Gainey handed over the cash, cops busted in and arrested the golfer ... and it sounds like something you'd see on Dateline.

The video is obviously embarrassing and serves as a reminder as to why Robert Kraft is fighting like hell to keep video from his prostitution case under wraps forever.

Pro golfer Tommy Gainey -- famously known as Tommy "Two Gloves" -- was arrested in a major prostitution sting in Florida ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The 44-year-old was 1 of 124 people busted in an undercover investigation in Polk County, Florida dubbed, "Operation Santa's Naughty List."

Polk County Sheriff

According to officials, Gainey was arrested for soliciting a prostitute -- and is facing a 1st-degree misdemeanor solicitation charge.

The sting op was a 6-day investigation using undercover detectives to target prostitution, human trafficking and child predators.

Cops say they used Internet advertisements to arrange meetings between the detectives and suspects.

Officials presented a "Naughty List" showing all 124 people arrested -- Gainey is on the board.

Jail records show Gainey was booked on Dec. 8 and was released on Dec. 9 after posting bail.

Sheriff Grady Judd explained the situation moments ago ...

Polk Co. Sheriff's Office

"He's married. He told us he was here for a charity golf event and it was supposed to be in the next morning tee off. He didn't make it. He was a scratch."

Judd added, "We charged him with soliciting. He missed his tee time the next morning."

Gainey has been a pro golfer since 1997 and joined the PGA Tour in 2008, where he gained notoriety for wearing gloves on both hands, unusual in the sport.


He's never won a major tourney but he's become a fan favorite for the way he dresses and plays -- in particular, he has a unique swing.

Gainey has had major sponsors over the years -- from Under Armour to Adams Golf and A.O. Smith.

Originally Published -- 7:27 AM PT

Golfer Patrick Reed Denies Cheating at Tiger's Tourney ... Despite Video Evidence!!!

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Sky Sports/NBC

It sure LOOKS like pro golfer Patrick Reed cheated his ass off on a hole Tiger Woods' big Hero World Challenge tourney on Friday ... but Reed insists he's INNOCENT!!!

Here's the deal ... Reed was caught in a sand trap on the 11th hole -- and during a practice swing, he appeared to use his club to knock away a clump of sand behind the ball, setting him up for a cleaner shot.

The problem ... YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!

Tournament officials hit Reed with a 2 stroke penalty which is a big deal -- he's currently in 6th place ... 3 shots behind tourney leader Gary Woodland.

But, Reed insists he did NOT cheat -- claiming it was a bad camera angle that's making it LOOK like he cheated ... when he really didn't.

Instead, Reed says his club hit a mound of sand created by a footprint that was NOT close to the ball.

"At the end of the day, it's my word vs. their word and they weren't standing there. They had a camera angle," Reed said.

Reed says he's trying to accept the punishment and move on since he still has another round of play on Saturday.

So, did he cheat or are you buying the explanation!?!?!

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Shockingly Not Good At Golf ... No Power On The Range!

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The best young power hitter in the MLB hits a golf a ball like THIS?!?!?!

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. took a trip to Top Golf on Monday ... and the results were shockingly average.

The Toronto Blue Jays superstar stepped up to the range mat with what appeared to be a 3-wood in his hands ... and proceeded to show off less power than your average dad.

Watch the clip ... the same violent swing that allows the 20-year-old to launch baseballs 500 feet only yielded some 175-yarders.

OKAY, he ain't exactly Zion Williamson with a golf club ... but come on, look at this kid with a baseball bat in his hands!!!

For their part, Vladdy's friends appeared to be making fun of his lack of pop on the links too!!

Don't worry, baby Guerrero's still raking on the baseball diamond ... he later posted some clips Monday night showing off his classic power.

But, still ... call up Nelson Cruz and get some golf lessons, bro!!!


Dustin Johnson 2-Year-Old Son Has Epic Golf Swing ... 'PGA Tour 2035'

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Sorry, Wayne Gretzky ... seems the grandkid's got the golf genes and not the hockey ones -- 'CAUSE LOOK AT THE SWING ON DUSTIN JOHNSON AND PAULINA'S SON!!!

DJ and Paulina had an impromptu range sesh with their 2-year-old outside their home Tuesday ... and thank God someone brought the camera -- 'cause the Great One's grandson can seriously hack it.

Watch the clip ... River Johnson has the classic DJ backswing and he keeps his head down throughout the whole stroke. Plus, he even takes a little bit of a divot!!!

The swing clearly impressed Mom ... 'cause Paulina said of the vid, "Watch out pga tour 2035."

Even Grandma loved seeing it, with Janet Gretzky saying, "Takes after his Grandma Honey!!! Go get it River !!"

Of course, the athletic feat shouldn't surprise a soul ... Dustin's one of the greatest golfers of all-time and Paulina is the daughter of the best hockey player ever.

But, don't worry too much about the Gretzkys not carrying on the hockey tradition ... River's pretty good with a stick too -- remember when he put pucks past grandpa earlier this year?!?!


PGA Tour LA Golfer Embraces Fan With Down Syndrome After He Yelled During Putt

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Touching moment on the golf course this weekend ... a fan with Down Syndrome yelled during a critical putt, but the PGA Tour Latin America golfer who missed the shot quickly forgave the guy with a hug and autographs.

The incredible scene all went down on Sunday at the Visa Open de Argentina in Buenos Aires ... where Brandon Matthews needed to sink an 8-footer in a playoff hole to keep his championship hopes alive.

But, while the 25-year-old was in the middle of his backswing ... a fan yelled out, causing Brandon to shank the putt -- and you can see on video, Matthews was initially pissed.

"I kind of flinched on the putt and immediately knew I missed it," Matthews told "I thought someone had done it intentionally. I was frustrated."

But, when tournament officials went to Matthews and explained to him the fan had Down Syndrome and didn't mean any harm ... they say Brandon nearly cried.

Matthews raced over to the fan ... embraced him and handed him a signed glove and golf ball.


"I gave him a hug and I asked him, 'Hey, are you doing okay? Are you having fun?'" Matthews said. "I just wanted to make sure he was enjoying himself, that he had no hard feelings, that he didn’t feel bad about what happened."

It's an awesome gesture from Matthews, considering if the guy had won the tournament, he would've received an automatic invite to the prestigious British Open in 2020.

But, Brandon said "some things are bigger than golf" ... and added, "I didn’t want to anyone to be mad at him. I didn’t want him to be mad at himself. I wanted to make sure he knew that I wasn’t mad. That’s all I wanted to do."

MLB's Nelson Cruz Launches Ball To Moon At Top Golf ... Cleared The Netting!!!

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Wanna see how far one of the MLB's best power hitters can launch a golf ball??

Good ... 'cause Minnesota Twins slugger Nelson Cruz pulled out the driver at a Top Golf earlier this month -- AND HE SENT A BALL TO THE FREAKIN' MOON!!!!

The Babe Ruthian swing all went down on Nov. 1, when Cruz was getting in some offseason golf hacks at the range.

Cruz only posted one video ... but it was seriously epic -- he blasted a ball that appeared to clear the top of the netting some 300-ish yards away!!!

Of course, Cruz is 6-foot-2, 230 pounds and is used to killin' balls ... he's hit 37 or more home runs in the MLB for 6 straight seasons.

But, it ain't like power in one sport always translates to another ... just ask 6-foot-6, 284-pound NBA beast Zion Williamson, who REALLY sucks at golf!!!


As for Cruz, the 39-year-old seemed impressed with himself after the hack ... writing on his social media page, "¿Futuro golfista?"

SI, SI, SI!!!!!

Rickie Fowler Crappy Honeymoon Wrecked By Food Poisoning!

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Nothing ruins a romantic vacation quite like diarrhea ...

Just ask golf superstar Rickie Fowler who says he came down with a terrible case of food poisoning while honeymooning with his smokin' hot wife, Allison Stokke.

Fowler and Stokke got married on Oct. 5 down in Mexico ... and to celebrate the nuptials, the two hopped on Puma's private jet and took a sick vacay to some remote beaches.

But, at some point near the end of the trip, Fowler caught Campylobacter jejuni -- a nasty strain of food poisoning -- and told Golfweek he was pretty miserable.

"It was not a fun stretch," Fowler said.

In case you didn't know ... the Center for Disease Control's description of Campylobacter jejuni is awful -- symptoms include "diarrhea (often bloody), fever, and abdominal cramps."

Yeah, not good.

Rickie says he's taking meds to get better ... but the 30-year-old was forced to pull out of this weekend's Mayakoba Golf Classic while he rests up.

It's a bummer for Fowler ... but hey, a lifetime of Stokke should be more than enough to make up for it!!!

Phil Mickelson Almost Aces 353-Yard Par 4 ... Insane Drive!!!

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PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson nearly carded the greatest hole in PGA Tour history Friday -- missing a hole in one on a 353-yard Par 4 ... by INCHES!!!!

Lefty was playing in the second round of the CJ Cup in South Korea ... when he stepped up to the tee box on the 14th hole at Nine Bridges -- and nearly did the unthinkable.

With a driver in his hand ... Phil took a violent swing and ripped a golf ball that hit the green on the fly.

It tracked all the way to the hole ... but had just a little too much heat on it -- and instead of falling, it kicked off the pin and settled just inches away from the improbable ace.

Of course, Phil was able to roll in the eagle putt ... but you just know the dude was fuming over missing history!!

There's only been one Par-4 ace EVER on the PGA Tour -- and it was a wacky 332-yarder by Andrew Magee at TPC Scottsdale in Arizona back in 2001.

There's no video of that shot ... which means Phil's swing Friday would have been truly the most legendary one in PGA Tour history!

Somewhere, Tiger Woods is smiling.

Tony Romo Punked On Course By Fake Snake ... 'Son Of A Bitch!'

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Hilarious moment on the links Wednesday ... Tony Romo was scared crapless by a fake snake -- and it was all because of a prank played on him by ex-NBA star Deron Williams!

Romo -- a near-scratch golfer when he's not broadcasting NFL games -- was out at Maridoe Golf Club in Texas with Williams when Deron decided to have some fun.

The former Utah Jazz superstar laid down a rubber snake by Romo's golf cart ... and fired up his phone's camera.

What happened next was hilarious ... Romo initially walked by it without seeing it, but when he got out of his cart and finally noticed it -- HE ALMOST JUMPED OUT HIS SHOES!!

Once the QB realized he'd been pranked, he smirked and said, "That son of a bitch!" -- while Williams laughed his ass off!!!

"I’m sorry @tony.romo I had to do it!!!" Williams said of the joke. "All this proves is if they put u back there for a few snaps u could shake off them ankle tackles."

Williams plays this trick all the time while he's out on the golf course ... and it's laugh out loud hilarious EVERY TIME!!!

As for the scorecard, smart money says Romo took the round from Williams ... but Deron DEFINITELY got the last laugh either way!!!