Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty to Hit-and-Run

7/23/2013 8:00 AM PDT

Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty to Hit-and-Run


Chris Brown
just pled not guilty to the charge of hit-and-run, stemming from that minor car accident -- which led to his probation getting revoked -- TMZ has learned.

Since he wasn't arrested on the day of the accident, Chris now has to go to a police station to get booked for the crime ... which means he'll have to take another mug shot. He has until August 6th to take care of that.

Chris' next court date in the hit-and-run case is August 15.

As for his possible probation violation in the Rihanna beating case -- the singer has to appear in court for a separate probation violation hearing in August.

As we reported, the judge revoked Chris' probation in the wake of the hit-and-run charge ... but he's currently free on his own recognizance.

The remaining charges from the car accident -- driving without a valid license and proof of insurance -- were dismissed.