'Bad Religion' Guitarist My Wife's a Clothes-Hanger-Swinging Lunatic

7/28/2013 12:05 AM PDT

'Bad Religion' Guitarist Greg Hetson -- My Wife's a Clothes-Hanger-Swinging Lunatic


The lead guitarist for legendary punk band Bad Religion claims his wife is "unstable and violent" and has attacked him on multiple occasions -- once with a freaking clothes hanger.

52-year-old Greg Hetson claims he and his 28-year-old wife Alia have been on the rocks since they got married in 2011 -- go figure. Tensions reached a fever pitch this week, after Alia got a restraining order, claiming he threw her on the floor during a blowout argument.

Greg filed his own legal docs, insisting HE'S the one who's been physically abused, and he cited multiple incidents.  He claims ...

--  She forcibly shoved an apple core in his mouth
--  She pushed him out of their car and drove off, dragging him down the road
--  She attacked him with a clothes hanger and hockey equipment

He also says she stole $18k from their joint bank account.  Good luck on that one, Greg.

 So this is what gays are fighting for?