Terrence Howard My Ex Is Threatening And Framing Me!

8/6/2013 6:05 AM PDT

Terrence Howard -- My Ex Is Framing and Threatening Me!


Terrence Howard
's ex-wife threatened to kill him and his family during an argument last week in Costa Rica ... this according a police report obtained by TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Michelle Ghent is going to court this morning ... claiming Terrence physically abused her during the argument.  She wants a restraining order against the actor.

Terrence tells a radically different story.  According to the police report, the two of them had "a normal married fight" (even though they divorced in May), but he says things escalated when she threatened to kill him and his family, and then pulled out pepper spray and attacked him, his kids and his son-in-law. 

Terrence denies laying a finger on her, and says he only told her to stop as he retreated.

We've learned in today's hearing, Terrence will give the judge text messages from last May, in which an angry Michelle writes, "I would start hiding if I were u."  In another text she writes, "Be careful when u leave your place.  U should move."  And in yet another she writes, "I know where u and ur family live.  Watch yourself."

Michelle also texted back in May, "You need to be put down once and for all.  I will not stop until all knows who u are." 

In the police report Terrence says Michelle tried to commit suicide 2 months ago and was hospitalized and diagnosed with paranoia.  And she seems to confirm that in one of the texts, in which she says, "I'm just insane.  I went to a crazy institute."

We'll be in court for the hearing, so stay tuned.