Ying Yang Twins We Got a Miley Look-Alike For Music Video Tribute

8/8/2013 2:15 AM PDT

Ying Yang Twins -- We Got a Miley Cyrus Look-Alike for Music Video Tribute


Miley Cyrus is NOT in the Ying Yang Twins music video tribute to her bootyful backside -- so they got the next best thing ... an impersonator with serious ass shaking skills!

TMZ obtained a clip from the Twins' new video for "Miley Cyrus" featuring a twerked out look-alike in a unicorn onesie -- an obvious parody of the singer's popular YouTube clip. 

The whole video is set to drop soon -- and our spies on set say the impersonator actually gives M.C. a run for her money in the badonkadonk department.

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