Jay Z's Rocawear Sued Accused of T-Shirt Jacking

8/26/2013 11:00 AM PDT

Jay Z's Rocawear Sued -- Accused of T-Shirt Jacking


Jay Z and Rocawear have no business plastering the phrase "Hood Love" all over t-shirts ... so says the pissed off company that owns the phrase and is now suing the pants off Jigga's clothing label.

HoodLove, LLC -- a for-profit company dedicated to improving poverty stricken communities -- filed the lawsuit against ROC Apparel Group earlier this month ... over one specific shirt in the Rocawear line, which reads HoodLove in giant letters.

HoodLove says it's owned the trademark since 2006 -- and claims Jay's company came along and started making a buck ... confusing the public, and trading off their good name.

It's not clear how much cash Rocawear's made off the shirts, but HoodLove is suing for the profits ... and also wants the apparel yanked from stores.