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Harvey Levin Picks NFL Winner Kaepernick Will Look Good With One Eyebrow

9/15/2013 7:10 AM PDT

Harvey Levin's Week 2 NFL Pick -- Colin Kaepernick Will Look Good with One Eyebrow

No rest for the San Francisco 49ers this week who take on the rival Seattle Seahawks ... in what we're calling Eyebrow Bowl I.

Harvey "Hervis" Levin fell to 0-1 after picking the Giants last week. Can he recover? Let's find out ...
Charles: Big NFC West showdown between the Niners and Seahawks ... who ya got?
Harvey:  Remind me what city the Seahawks play in? [pause] Seattle! Let the record reflect I guessed it on my own

Charles: So, your pick? Remember, this is the Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson eyebrow bet game.
Harvey: Right. Well, I'd like to think of this in terms of who would be more awesome with one eyebrow, and ironically the more awesome should be the loser.

Charles: [look of confusion]
Harvey: So, I gotta go with Kaepernick. Which team does he play for?

Charles: You know they're gonna chicken out on the bet, right?
Harvey: I believe the bet should be true, and they should not go the way of Erin Andrews, or rather ... Aaron Rodgers.

Charles: So, let's be clear ... who are you picking to win?
Harvey: The Seahawks. Anyway, I'll be playing tennis. Watch TMZ Sports on FS1 Get the new TMZ Sports app!


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