Rihanna Photo Triggers Arrest Over Cute, Furry, Deadly Creatures

9/23/2013 6:10 AM PDT

Rihanna Triggers Arrests Over Cute, Furry, Deadly Creatures

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Rihanna flirted with death and then triggered arrests after posting a pic of an adorable little animal ... that can kill you.

Rihanna was in Phuket, Thailand and posed with a loris.  Seems innocent enough.

Here's the problem.  The critter is an endangered animal indigenous to Southeast Asia and there's a law that says you can't charge tourists money to take pics with endangered primates.

Rihanna Instagrammed the photo and people started bitching in Phuket.  Authorities corralled the 2 guys who took the photo -- ages 16 and 20 -- and busted them.

FYI -- Loris carry poison that can be deadly.  When they get pissed off they release the toxins from their elbow, put the juice in their mouth and if it touches humans they can go into anaphylactic shock.

P.S.  Rihanna also went to some sex shows.  That can kill you too.