Lauryn Hill Home Detention Will Have To Wait... I'm Going On Tour!

10/7/2013 12:18 PM PDT

Lauryn Hill -- Home Detention Will Have To Wait ... I'm Going On Tour!


Lauryn Hill is about to be sprung from home confinement -- because we've learned she's going to sing sing.

Lauryn has been confined to 3-months of home detention as part of her sentence for tax evasion -- but here's the thing ... She wants to go on tour from Nov. 15th through Dec. 31st, so she asked the judge to give her a pass so she could tour -- and we've learned the judge is down with it.

As we reported ... Lauryn was freed from jail last week and she wants to resume her career STAT.

Lauryn -- who has a new single out -- can now start signing on at specific venues for the concerts.  But prison officials will still keep tabs on her -- she'll have to run all the details -- dates, cities, hotels -- past her probation officer.

On New Year's Day ...  the party's over, and Lauryn will have to return home to complete her home detention sentence.

We tried to get a response from Lauryn ... no luck ... even though she was probably home when we called.