Steve Aoki Short Range Cake Tossing... Right In The Face

11/27/2013 2:15 PM PST

Steve Aoki -- Short Range Cake Tossing ... Right In The Face


Steve Aoki -- EDM DJ/serial cake tosser -- is at it again ... pelting one of his fans straight in the face with a cake at point blank range ... and TMZ has the footage.

Aoki had just finished making an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" ... when he decided to take a break from signing autographs to whack an adoring fan in the face with a large cake.

The last time we caught Steve caking he connected on an 80 ft. heave that splattered all over a kid in a wheelchair.  This latest stunt proves he's equally accurate at short range.

Check out the video ... Steve really, really loves to dish out a good caking.