Eddie Murphy's Ex Producers Stole My Idea for 'Hollywood Exes'

12/3/2013 6:12 PM PST

Eddie Murphy's Ex -- Producers Stole My Idea for 'Hollywood Exes'


One of Eddie Murphy's baby mamas is now suing over "Hollywood Exes" -- claiming she came up with the idea for the reality show back in 2008 and producers STOLE it from her ... then cast one of Eddie's OTHER exes in her place.

Tamara Johnson filed the lawsuit against producers Lynch-Dyson Entertainment, claiming she pitched an idea to Vernon Lynch in 2008 called "The Hollywood ExClub" about a group of celebrity baby mamas ... inspired by her own relationship with Eddie Murphy ... but the discussions went nowhere.

Then in 2011, Tamara says she got wind VH1 was making a show called "Hollywood Exes" -- produced by Lynch-Dyson -- which she claims was a complete rip-off of her idea.

The show eventually premiered in 2012, starring girls Tamara had in mind for her own show ... like Andrea Kelly. But the biggest slap in the face ... Eddie Murphy's other ex Nicole Murphy was cast instead of Tamara.

Tamara claims she contacted Lynch-Dyson many times about getting credit -- and money -- for her role in creating the show ... but she's been nothing but rebuffed.

She's now suing for at least $1 million. Calls to Lynch-Dyson weren't returned.