Ryan Seacrest Moving On with New Blonde

12/3/2013 10:04 AM PST

Ryan Seacrest -- Moving On with New Blonde

Ryan Seacrest
is more predictable than crap in a diaper -- the "American Idol" host has a new lady in his sights after dumping Julianne Hough ... and shocker, she's also a hot blonde.

The girl's name is Shayna Taylor ... she's 23 ... annnnd that's pretty much it.

According to our sources, Shayna runs in one of those hot blonde Hollywood crowds filled with Instagram models who pretty much party exclusively at rich people's houses. And that's how Seacrest met her roughly a year ago.

It's unclear if Ryan and Shayna are boyfriend and girlfriend ... or just "close" friends.

Fun fact: Shayna's the same girl who was pictured smooching with Terrence Howard last year in St. Barts.

It's unclear exactly how long they've been seeing each other ... but Seacrest has been a free man since March, when he ended things with Julianne.

So now we gotta ask ...