Ryan Seacrest Crappiest Night Ever in Monaco

7/4/2013 4:45 AM PDT

Ryan Seacrest -- Crappiest Night Ever in Monaco


Ryan Seacrest has some serious game -- but it didn't help him this week in Monaco when he got burned at a fancy casino ... playing craps.

Just like an effervescent James Bond ... Seacrest hit up the famous Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco Tuesday night along with his gang of smokin' hot female friends who we already told you he's definitely NOT hooking up with.

Our eyewitness on scene says there was no limit posted on the table so its unclear how much the A.I. host dropped ... but after 30 minutes of rollin', we're told he lost a majority of his stack and eventually decided to play some roulette instead.

Hopefully, he got on a hot streak that night ... DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF (DESIGNER) SHOES!!!