Mega-Rich L.A. Artist I Didn't Rape That Girl I Got the Polygraph Test to Prove It

12/19/2013 10:26 AM PST

Mega-Rich L.A. Artist Jack Armstrong -- I Didn't Rape That Girl ... I Got the Polygraph Test to Prove It


Mega-rich "Cosmic Artist" Jack Armstrong -- whose paintings go for as much as $6 million -- insists he did NOT drug and rape an unconscious woman in 2010 ... and he's got the lie detector test results to back his claim.

TMZ has obtained the results, and here are the questions Armstrong was asked during the test:

1) Did you give any drug to [the alleged victim], other than alcohol on March 4, 2010?
2) Did you have sex with [the alleged victim] against her will on March 4, 2010?
3) Did [the alleged victim] at any time on March 4, 2010 tell you she did not want to have sex with you?

Armstrong -- famous for his bright multicolored "cosmic extensionalism" paintings -- answered "NO" to each of the questions ... and according to the polygraph machine, it appears he was telling the truth.

It's worth noting, Armstrong hired the company that administered the test -- Jomac and Associates -- and polygraph results tend to hold little water in court.

Armstrong is currently facing a felony charge of "rape of unconscious person" after allegedly meeting the woman at a club in Beverly Hills. The woman claims Armstrong bought her beers, and next thing she knew she woke up naked in his bed.

He was arrested in November.