Johnny Depp Who Wants a Piece of My Butt?

1/2/2014 10:07 AM PST

Johnny Depp -- Who Wants a Piece of My Butt?


1:30 PM:  Crap!  We just got a call from Kris, who finally woke up.  He left the cigarette butt at Ago.  And he's now looking for work.

12:15 PM: We just spoke with Dominique from "Beverly Hills Pawn," and she tells us the butt is worth between $1,500 and $2,500.  So there! 

Johnny Depp celebrated with a cig on New Year's Eve ... we know that because he escaped our camera's glare on his way out of Ago in West Hollywood, but he left his butt behind.

The video is hilarious.  Our photog Kris was frustrated but undaunted as Depp left in his SUV.  Kris then discovered the treasure trove -- the butt of a cigarette that was once firmly inserted in Depp's mouth.

Kris kept it as a souvenir, but it got us thinking.  What if we put the butt on eBay or some other site and raise money for charity.

Help us out ... to decide if it's worth it.