Justin Bieber Sheriff Comes Up Goose Eggs in Raid

1/27/2014 1:00 AM PST

Justin Bieber -- Sheriff Comes Up Goose Eggs in Raid

Justin Bieber is a lucky duck ... the L.A. County Sheriff's Department found no evidence he egged his neighbors house when deputies searched Justin's mansion ... sources connected to Bieber tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Sheriff's deputies were looking for surveillance video that might have incriminated Bieber. They were also looking to see if Justin bragged about the egging in text messages immediately after the incident.

Sources familiar with the surveillance video tell us you do NOT see Bieber egging the house. Furthermore we're told there is no video before or after the incident that shows Bieber at the immediate scene.

We're also told ... Bieber did not "brag text" about the egging incident.

It would appear then ... the case against Bieber will stand or fall based on TMZ's video and the account of two eyewitnesses who ID'd Justin.

As for the video, you cannot see Bieber ... but you definitely hear a voice that sounds exactly like him. As for the two eye witnesses ... they are the neighbor who got egged and his 13-year-old daughter.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Sheriffs department  will send the case over to the L.A. County District Attorney for review this week.

The D.A. could charge Bieber with felony vandalism or settle for misdemeanor vandalism. Or the D.A. could let Bieber skate all together.