Justin Bieber WON'T BE DEPORTED Even If He's a Felon

1/16/2014 8:00 AM PST

Justin Bieber WON'T Be Deported -- Even If He's a Felon


Justin Bieber could go to prison for years -- very worst case scenario -- for his egg vandalism ... but he will NOT be deported to Canada.

There are stories circulating that the stakes are high for Bieber -- as in getting thrown out of the U.S.

Simply not true.  The law is clear.  In order to be deported for a crime, the offender must commit what is called an "aggravated" offense.  The law lists the various offenses, including:

-- possession of explosive materials or firearms
-- possession of child porn
-- illicit drug trafficking
-- alien smuggling
-- threats against the President
-- Sabotage or treason

Eggs are not on the list.

There is one catch-all -- crimes involving "moral turpitude."  But that's defined as crimes that shock the public conscience.  Egging just doesn't cut it.