'Golden Sisters' If Bieber Were Mexican HE'D BE DEPORTED

2/9/2014 7:19 AM PST

'Golden Sisters' -- If Justin Bieber Were Mexican ... HE'D BE DEPORTED!


One of the "Golden Sisters'" has a strong point ... if Justin Bieber were Mexican, authorities would have deported his ass faster than he could say "bebe."

The OWN Network stars yapped about Bieber's recent legal dramas in a new video ... and "Golden Sister" Josie dared to make a south-of-the-border argument.

Just last year 241,493 Mexicans were deported from the United States -- making Mexico the leading country for deportation ... Canada was nowhere near the top of the list.

The "Sisters" say Biebs should be shipped back home.

So, we gotta ask ...