Skrillex Fan Sues Idiot Stage Dove On Me And Gave Me a Stroke

2/10/2014 1:05 PM PST

Skrillex Fan Sues -- Idiot Stage Dove On Me ... And Gave Me a Stroke


might wanna cut stage diving out of his repertoire -- TMZ has learned, a fan has just sued the DJ for leaping on top of her from a stage in 2012 ... and giving her a stroke.

Jennifer Fraissl filed the lawsuit, claiming Skrillex -- real name Sonny John Moore -- took a flying leap from his DJ table during a performance at The Belasco in Downtown L.A. in February 2012 ... and landed on top of her.

Fraissl says she was standing near the front when Skrillex beckoned the crowd forward -- making it impossible for her to leave or even protect herself -- and that's when Skrillex jumped from his table ... several feet above the stage.

Fraissl says she suffered several injuries when the DJ landed on her, and later suffered a stroke as a result of the trauma.

She's now suing Skrillex (who's pretty well known for stage diving during his shows) as well as the nightclub -- claiming Belasco failed to prevent Skrillex from acting so recklessly. She's asking for unspecified damages ... medical expenses, loss of income, and more.

Calls to the nightclub and Skrillex's camp weren't returned.

1:43 PM PT -- We found a video of Skrillex stage diving that night. It's unclear if this was the stage dive referenced in the lawsuit ... but it fits Jennifer's description nearly exactly.