Spike Jonze Sued You Stole 'Her!'

2/16/2014 12:15 AM PST

Director Spike Jonze Sued -- You Stole 'Her!'


Spike Jonze should have an easy go at this lawsuit ... filed by 2 men who claim the famed director stole their screenplay when Jonze created "Her."

Sachin Gadh and Jonathan Sender claim in their suit they wrote a screenpay called "Belv" back in 2011 and submitted it to CAA.  They were told the agency -- which reps Jonze -- didn't accept unsolicited scripts.

Cut to 2013, when to their horror they saw "Her" and also claim they saw their own work on the screen.

Here are the alleged similarities:

--  In both "Her" and "Belv" the main character carries around the love interest in his front shirt pocket.

-- Both "Her" and "Belv" examine the human psyche through interactions between the character and the computer.

-- The main character in "Her" is heartbroken after a failed relationship and seeks solace in a computer.  In "Belv" a cell phone comes to life after a microwave mishap and becomes a witty wing man for dating (We report, but don't necessarily buy).

It sounds like these guys will be thrown out of court.  Then again, O.J. was found not guilty.