'Today' Show Stunt Al Roker Faux Filthy Rant on Billy Bush

3/21/2014 10:15 AM PDT

'Today' Show Stunt -- Al Roker Faux Filthy Rant on Billy Bush


The "Today" show has an interesting new strategy for regaining its king-of-the-morning title ... do a phony, f***-laced meltdown with  Al Roker ... but the show needs some pointers ... which TMZ will gladly offer.

We just got this video of Al going off on Billy Bush, who was interviewing Johnny Weir during the Sochi Olympics.  The clip has a whispery set-up, where Al seems to be schooling Billy who just doesn't know his place on the broadcasting food chain.

And then Al rants ... and it's dirty. And NBC clearly wanted us and everyone else to run it ... which we will gladly do. 

Advice to NBC:  Lose the crew from the shot.  The camera guy can barely focus he's laughing so hard.  Also, use a lavalier mic (clip-on), rather than a boom.  The boom is in Al's face so there's no way anyone would believe it's authentic.  And, get Al an acting lesson or 2.  The overacting is felonious.

Nonetheless .... it's an interesting new strategy.  We'll see if foul-mouth stunts actually work.