Miley Cyrus $5,000 for a Bang ... erz Cake

3/24/2014 8:49 AM PDT

Miley Cyrus -- $5,000 for a Bang ... erz Cake

Miley Cyrus had a sweet weekend ... celebrating her Bangerz Tour stop in Miami with a sick cake that reportedly cost a cool $5,000 to make.

The cake -- which Miley and friends presumably scarfed down while partying at Cameo night club -- featured depictions of several tongues, a cat crying, a hot dog, and a teddy bear in a gold chain. 

Bad for a wedding or a kid's birthday party ... but perfect for Miley.

UPDATE #1: Divine Delicacies Cakes, the folks that made the cake, tell TMZ the reason why it cost so much is that the Bangerz lettering on top was done with Swarovski crystals (which were not edible). They say the club footed the bill for the cake, which was red velvet inside and was capable of feeding 300 people (or 20 stoners).

UPDATE #2: Cameo nightclub tells TMZ they did not pay for the cake and refused delivery at the door. The cake company maintains the cake was ordered and paid for by the club and delivered without incident.