Spike Jonze Victorious in Movie Theft Lawsuit He Didn't Pinch 'Her'

4/3/2014 12:05 PM PDT

Spike Jonze Wins 'Her' Lawsuit -- He Didn't Steal 'Belv' Screenplay


Told ya so -- Spike Jonze has emerged victorious ... in the lawsuit filed by 2 men who claim the famed director stole their screenplay by creating "Her."

TMZ broke the story -- screenwriters Sachin Gadh and Jonathan Sender sued Jonze, claiming he stole the concept for their screenplay "Belv," about a cell phone that comes to life and befriends a human.

Gadh and Sender listed a bunch of script elements they claim are a little too similar for comfort -- like how their main character carries "Belv" around in his front pocket -- but the judge didn't agree, tossing the case out of court.

In his decision, the judge tears their case to shreds -- ruling the two scripts aren't even remotely similar ... "Her" is a thoughtful drama and "Belv" is a comedy. In addition, the judge says the two scripts contain different stories, different characters, different themes, settings, moods, pacing, and dialogue.

And that's that.