'Beverly Hills Nannies' Star Here's Proof a Rich CEO Assaulted Me

4/4/2014 8:10 AM PDT

'Beverly Hills Nannies' Star -- Here's My Proof a Rich CEO Assaulted Me [PHOTOS]

"Beverly Hills Nannies" star Ari Bellamar will go to court armed with photos she thinks prove she was NOT injured during rough sex, but instead suffered a savage beating at the hands of a wealthy businessman.

The photos -- obtained by TMZ -- show a woman's body, legs, arms and hands covered with bruises and cuts.  Sources close to the case tell us the woman in the pictures is Bellamar.

TMZ broke the story ... Bellamar accused wealthy Entropic CEO, Patrick Henry, of attacking her after a night of drinking. We're told the photos of Bellamar's injuries were taken in the hospital ... the day after the alleged beating.

Henry -- who's been charged with assault -- got a statement from Bellamar's ex-husband ... who said Ari's bruises could have been the result of rough sex, which he claims happened when they were together. 

As for Henry claiming Bellamar has a history of lying -- including faking cancer -- our sources say Bellamar had an abnormal pap smear ... and told friends it was being tested for cancer, but the tests came back negative.

Bellamar's ex gave a sworn statement saying he checked with the hospital and he claims there were no cancer tests.