Scotty McCreery Home Invasion Victim

5/5/2014 9:39 AM PDT

Scotty McCreery -- Home Invasion Victim

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1:26 P.M. PDT
--  Scotty is now talking about the robbery. He just Tweeted, "Yes, it was definitely a very scary night. Luckily, my friends and I are safe and the Raleigh PD is on the case." Scotty also thanked police for their quick response and said, "I will share more when the time is right, but as of now we do not want to do or say anything that could hinder the investigation."

Country singing former "American Idol" star Scotty McCreery was a victim of a home invasion robbery Monday morning.

The Season 10 "Idol" winner was visiting friends at an apartment around 2AM near the North Carolina State University campus -- where McCreery is a student -- when the incident occurred.

According to law enforcement, 3 gunmen barged into the unit -- while McCreery and his friends were inside -- and made off with cash, wallets, and other property, including valuable electronics.

We also obtained the 911 call which includes a bunch of other details -- the caller says the intruders were black, dressed in black sweat pants and gray hoodies. The caller says he was in another room when they barged in, but he could hear them say, "Everyone on the floor. Give us everything you've got."

No one was injured.