Columbus Short's Alleged Victim You Getting Fired Is NOT My Problem

5/7/2014 12:50 AM PDT

Columbus Short's Alleged Fight Victim -- You Getting Fired Is NOT My Problem

The guy Columbus Short allegedly beat up in a bar fight has had it with the former "Scandal" star  ... and now plans to sue after an out-of-court settlement fell apart because Columbus pled poverty.

The victim's lawyer tells TMZ ... Short offered to pay a handsome sum to settle with the guy he allegedly knocked out. But the lawyer says Columbus pulled the plug, saying he was just sacked from "Scandal" and his income stream dried up like a riverbed in drought-stricken California.

We're told the victim had asked Columbus for several hundred thousand dollars to cover medical expenses -- including an expected surgery to repair facial fractures.  And of course, he wants something for his pain and suffering.

We're told Columbus can expect a lawsuit as early as Friday.

Columbus' lawyer had no comment.