Tupac Shakur Fake Autopsy Dispute SETTLED

5/9/2014 1:42 AM PDT

Tupac Shakur: Fake Autopsy Music Video Dispute SETTLED


The fake Tupac Shakur autopsy photo dispute has been settled ... and it could turn into a bonanza for the woman who lays claim to the real pic.

We broke the story ... author Cathy Scott was furious when she saw a Wyclef Jean music video on YouTube with a fake Tupac posing in a morgue with a massive bullet wound.  She published the real autopsy pic in her book and feels the fake video diminishes the value of her photo.  So she strong-armed YouTube to remove the video.

So here's the settlement.  We've learned the director of the music video -- Hezues R' -- has agreed to give her a screen credit at the end, and that's good enough for her.  So it's going back on YouTube.

But Scott got a bonus.  There's been a huge spike in the sales of her book, "The Killing of Tupac Shakur," which includes the real autopsy photo.

Few dead men live on like Tupac.