George Jung Patching Up Relationship With Estranged Daughter

6/4/2014 12:50 AM PDT

George Jung & Daughter -- 'Blow' Inspiration Patching Up Relationship

George Jung's tragic relationship with his daughter was the emotional core of the Johnny Depp movie "Blow" -- and TMZ has learned he's already reconnected with her since getting out of prison. 

In the film, the infamous drug smuggler never sees his daughter Kristina Jung while in prison -- outside of that heartbreaking ending scene -- but Jung's rep tells us he and Kristina started to reconcile in the past couple of years.

We're told Kristina visited her father a few times in prison -- and they spoke on the phone Monday, shortly after he was released.

Jung's rep adds father and daughter have already made plans to see each other in the near future. 

So far ... this is a much happier ending than the movie version of Jung's life.