Ray J Fronts $50K for 'Hillbillies' Rap Video

6/11/2014 12:40 AM PDT

'Hollywood Hillbillies': 'Gingerbread' Music Video Gets $50k From Ray J


Have you ever wanted to see a rap video by the ginger kid from "Hollywood Hillbillies"? Well now you can ... and you have Ray J to thank for it. 

Ray J has forked over $50,000 of his own money to produce a rap video for Michael from the Reelz TV show ... it's called "Gingerbread."

Ray J's manager David Weintraub -- who also manages the "Hillbillies" cast -- brokered the deal.

As for the video itself ... it features dancing gingerbread cookies, what looks like a goat, a woman giving birth, and Michael's grandmother ... twerking. 

You've been warned.