Brittny Gastineau Blood Soaked Hotel Pics ... After the Brawl

6/13/2014 12:50 AM PDT

Brittny Gastineau Fight Pics -- Bloody Hotel Photos After the Brawl


The hotel room where Brittny Gastineau was brutally attacked by a famous street artist was a bloody mess the morning after the violence ... and TMZ has obtained pictures of the horrifying scene. 

Blood was smeared on a bathroom door, on bed sheets, furniture and the floor. There was also broken glass, along with bottles of booze and beer scattered around the room.

As we previously reported -- Brittny says she was attacked by graffiti artist, Marquis Lewis. Lewis' attorney claims it was mutual combat during an argument ... and he was also injured.

Sources in the hotel tell us ... guests heard a lot of door slamming, cursing, and breaking glass. We're told the blood trail continued into the hallway and elevator.