Brittny Gastineau Hey Everyone, Check Out My Big Black Eye

6/11/2014 6:32 AM PDT

Brittny Gastineau's Black Eye -- Hey, Everyone, Check Out My Shiner! [VIDEO]

Brittny Gastineau wanted everyone to know ... she got a wicked black eye from someone or something.

Kim Kardashian's BFF showed up at Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood Tuesday night -- the place to go if you want to be photographed by paparazzi.  She went there with her mom, who told photogs, "You know, Angels, when they hit earth, it hurts a lot."  But they weren't specific.

Now ... if you think they didn't go to Craig's to be photographed, think again, because earlier in the evening they went to Mr. Chow in Bev Hills, the other place in town where you are certain to get papped.

So we're left with this mystery -- who eats 2 dinners?