Ari Bellamar Rich CEO GUILTY Of Attacking 'B.H. Nannies' Star

6/23/2014 5:05 PM PDT

Patrick Henry GUILTY of Assault -- CEO's 'Beverly Hills Nannies' Attack

The rich businessman accused of beating the star of "Beverly Hills Nannies" has been found guilty of assault ... but he WON'T be going to jail.

TMZ broke the story ... Ari Bellamar claimed she was on a date with Entropic CEO Patrick Henry at his Utah cabin when he flew into a drunken rage and threw her against a wall.  Bellamar said she tried to call 911 ... but Henry smashed her phone.

Henry could have faced more than a year in jail ... but the judge fined him $400 and ordered him to complete 40 hours of community service.   He also has to undergo alcohol and anger management assessment. 

Weird ... you would think an assault conviction is assessment enough.