'Goodfellas' Star Frank Sivero I Have Italian Beef With a Deli Owner

7/10/2014 10:02 AM PDT

'Goodfellas' Star Frank Sivero -- I Have Italian Beef with a Deli Owner

Frank Sivero -- who played Frankie Carbone in 'Goodfellas' -- is suing a guy he says is a real badfella ... a deli owner near the Mexican border.

Sivero claims he went to Deli Belly in El Cajon, CA in March ... where he posed for pics with fans.

According to the lawsuit ... the owner got hold of one of the pics and plastered it all over his website, advertising a Frank Carbone sandwich which is stacked with meats and cheese, including Genoa salami, mortadella, hot cappy, deluxe ham, provolone cheese and lots of other stuff.

The deli owner called the creation the Frankie Carbony.   It doesn't seem Sivero is objecting to the name of the hero ... but using his pic has made him hot as branzino grease.

We went to the deli website and it looks like they 86'd Sivero's pic.

Let's hope the suit doesn't kill the sando completely ... cause it sounds amazing.