Seth MacFarlane Sued WE Had 'Ted' First And He Liked Drugs and Hookers Too

7/15/2014 6:14 PM PDT

Seth MacFarlane Sued -- We Had 'Ted' First ... and He Liked Drugs and Hookers Too

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Seth MacFarlane
's now-famous teddy bear was lifted from a 2008 screenplay about an eerily similar furry creature who had a penchant for booze and prostitutes ... so claims the company that is suing Seth.

Bengal Mangle Productions claims it created a screenplay called "Acting School Academy" ... about a teddy bear named Charlie who lives in a human world.  The screenplay became a web series that was a big hit on YouTube, FunnyorDie and others.

The Production company does NOT claim it had any dealings with MacFarlane, but alleges there's no way he didn't know about it since Charlie was such a hit.

The lawsuit claims Ted's characteristics are strikingly similar to Charlie's -- both hang out on the couch, smoke and drink beer, they have friends who are washed up child stars and they're both active on social media.

The suit also lists similar tweets.  

-- Charlie:  I don't like cocaine.  I just like the smell of it   July, 2009
--  Ted:  Just acid, and coke, and ex and DMT.  That's where I draw the lines  June, 2012

-- Charlie:  I'm a bear and my nose is at crotch level.  What do women expect?   March, 2009
-- Ted:  I don't mind giving the ladies oral pleasure.  I just Febreeze the s**t out of my snout after.  April, 2012.

Ted's last line definitely wins.