Kennedy Drama Man Breaks Into Compound Looking for Katy Perry

7/16/2014 6:12 AM PDT

Kennedy Compound Break-In -- Man Breaks In, Looking For Katy Perry

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7:10 AM PT -- According to Barnstable Police, LaCroix, who police discovered sitting on a couch and reading a book, told police he entered through an unlocked door. LaCroix also said he had a gift for Perry and was also there to see ... John F. Kennedy.

Cops say that after talking to LaCroix for a few minutes, they realized he "was detached from reality."
A scary moment for the Kennedys at the famed Hyannis Port compound ... a crazy guy entered the house looking for Katy Perry and hung with the clueless 16-year-old grandson of Ted Kennedy.

Barnstable Police tell TMZ ... there was no sign of forced entry.  At around 6:30 Tuesday night ... 53-year-old James LaCroix just walked inside and started cooking dinner.

Ted Kennedy Jr.
-- who was in Connecticut -- called the home just after 9 PM to check on his teenage son.  The intruder answered and the panicked dad called the cops.

When cops arrived they found LaCroix -- still in the kitchen -- and he said he was there looking for Katy Perry.

Cops say Kennedy's son came home in the evening and ran into  LaCroix ... but he thought LaCroix was just a house guest.

LaCroix was arrested and charged with breaking and entering.

In 2 weeks the house will be filled with Kennedys ... Cheryl Hines and Robert Kennedy Jr. will tie the knot there. shot video of LaCroix being led out of the home.