Tim McGraw Cops Say Slap was JUSTIFIED

7/18/2014 10:14 AM PDT

Tim McGraw -- Cops Say Slap was JUSTIFIED


Tim McGraw is NOT in trouble with the law for slapping a woman at a concert ... in fact, law enforcement sources in ATL tell TMZ ... Tim may actually be the VICTIM.

Our sources at Atlanta PD tell us ... they've seen the video of Tim bitch slapping a woman who grabbed onto him at Sunday's concert.  TMZ has 2 views of the incident.  In one it looks like she might be grabbing for his crotch, but in another it looks like she's trying to rip his jeans.

The sources say ... the woman has NOT complained to police, and until she does no action will be taken. But they add, it seems to them the woman is the aggressor and Tim's slap is "a common reaction." Nonetheless, cops tell us if she complains they'll investigate.

Take a close look at the video.  It appears Tim reacts by making a movement that causes her to release his leg ... but then he takes a quick beat before hauling off and slapping her.   So the slap looks gratuitous.  

McGraw is no stranger to grabby fans. Back in 2007, a woman tried to grab his junk ... and his wife, Faith Hill, was quick to give her a stern talking to.