Chef Auntie Fee Hey Oprah, Help A Sista Out

8/4/2014 10:20 AM PDT

Chef Auntie Fee -- Oprah, You're The Only One I Can Trust


Chef Auntie Fee has been bombarded by celebrities who want a piece of her since her chicken recipe went viral ... but she tells us the only person she can trust is ...  Oprah.

The Chef -- aka Sista Girl -- tells us she's gotten dogged by Jimmy Kimmel ... even a producer-type from "Orange is the New Black" -- everyone wants to book her. But she says she's a simple woman and isn't up on celebs ... so she doesn't know who these people are.

She does, however, know one -- Oprah -- who can help her navigate her new-found fame.  

There are 2 others she tells us she would place faith in  -- Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey.