Celebrity Chef Todd English He Jacked Our Frozen Rabbits

5/17/2014 12:30 AM PDT

Celebrity Chef Todd English Sued -- He Jacked Our Frozen Rabbits


Celebrity chef/restaurateur Todd English has 2 problems ... he's being sued for not paying his massive food bill ... and he serves FROZEN rabbit.

Greentree Packing claims in a new lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- English agreed to buy $73K worth of unprepared food items ... for his famed Olives Restaurant in NYC (which is delicious).

The rounded off breakdown includes:

-$1,500 whole, frozen rabbits
-$11K  sushi grade tuna
-$10K chicken
-$4K salmon
-$4K beef tenderloins

Greentree claims English stiffed it to the tune of $73K.  And it wants another $18K in lawyer's fees.

A rep for English tells us Todd has a good relationship with Greentree, and is in the process of resolving the issue.