Akon Jay Z & Beyonce's Marriage Feels 'Corporate'

8/5/2014 3:50 AM PDT

Akon -- The Jay Z/Beyonce Marriage Feels 'Corporate'


Jay Z and Beyonce might be crazy in love or they might be headed for a split, but R&B star Akon says the fact they have always kept their relationship private is what has led to so much speculation.

Akon was in D.C. Monday and was super open to our photog about celebrity relationships ... particularly Jay and Bey. What he says is really interesting.

Akon feels the mega-couple always presented their relationship to the public as more of a business than a real relationship. He says famous people need to be open with their fans about their relationships or else they invite the kind of rumors that have dogged Jay Z and Beyonce lately.

It's an honest and refreshing take from one of the biggest names in music. Check it out.