Miley Cyrus Primetime Bangerz Antics Could Cost NBC Bigtime

8/5/2014 7:00 AM PDT

Miley Cyrus' NBC Special -- FCC Investigating Bangerz Tour Special (VIDEO)


NBC's primetime special of Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour has the FCC hot on the tail of the Peacock.

The show -- which aired July 6 -- has triggered a slew of complaints with viewers griping the network allowed obscenity on the air.  TMZ has obtained some of the complaints, targeting stripper costumes and Miley rolling around in a bed with half-naked men and women.

The stunt that got a bunch of complaints ... Miley grinding against a costumed Abe Lincoln.

The FCC is investigating whether the content violated its rules against broadcasting "sexual or excretory activity."

Worst case scenario ... NBC could be fined.